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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My food, bitches
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F to the U to the D to the G to the E, damn it!

I have officially shit on every square inch of space in our apartment, so now that it's time to move, I feel complete!

I think Mommy's just jealous that I am so full of fiber that I can void my bowels up to twice a day, wherever I see fit. Every day is like Easter in our house -- Mommy wakes up, smells my freshly-laid pooh egg, and has to find it -- before she has coffee! Oh, wild times here at Pooh Corner, I tell you!

I know I should watch myself, lest she go to the pet store and start buying that rat-poison-laden food that everyone else is returning. But hey, if it makes me crap even more, all the better! :)


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