What? It’s not Monday? Where the hell are my days going?!?!

Reader Poll Monday. Or whatever the hell day, right?

  • What is the best thing about being your age?
    Being taken more seriously, finally. I have the same ideas I had five years ago, but apparently the perception that I have “lived enough” to know what I am talking about is the tradeoff for moving out of my 20s.
  • What is the worst?
    What was fun, no longer is. Like drinking all night and not even sleeping before managing to function for a full day on caffeine alone — yeah, like that’ll ever happen again. 😉

    And the ticking of the life clock. Not necessarily the biological one, but rather the internal one that reminds you once in awhile that you just don’t have the energy that you used to but that your to-do list is still a few miles long.

    And routines! Gah. I hate routines. Well, hated is more precise. Now they keep my brilliance/motivation reserved for the moments when I need them most. Although I still don’t feel like I have enough to go around. 😉

  • What do you think is the most undeserved stereotype about your gender?
    That if you’re not a perfect size 2, then you don’t deserve admiration and love and acceptance. You experience the disdain so much that you often start to believe the hype yourself and, when you meet someone who catches your eye, you wonder why the hell THEY would ever be interested in YOU.

    AHA!!! Proof that dieting IS hazardous to our health! Bring on the Ben & Jerry’s threesomes, please!

  • Would you rather go a month without the Internet or a year without your favorite food?
    You can have the ice cream … ’cause I’d chase you but I know I’d trip over the cable cord. 😉 The Internet is my livelihood.
  • What is the most embarrassing CD you own?
    Embarrassing to whom? If I spent the money, again, I am owning my neuroses. 😉 (Why is that concept becoming a theme ’round here? Sheesh — I AM neurotic!)

    That said, I have a “bottom shelf” of CDs that I rarely visit — mostly hair metal bands that I loved in the ’80s and quite a number of ’70s bands. And I love me some greatest hits by Air Supply and Toto. Don’t hate. 😉

  • Do you sing in the shower while making shampoo mohawks?
    Sing, yes. Mohawks, no. I just kind of twist the soapy mess into a bun so I can shave my legs with some amount of alacrity in my sight patterns, thanks.
  • What did you have for lunch today?
    While I worked, I inhaled a panini that I picked up at Costco. And, as an aside, people who shop at the Arlington Costco drive their buggies like they do their cars — like homicidal maniacs. I got caught in a traffic jam in the warehouse!

    I did sneak out to S’Bux for a sugar-free latte and a heated cookie. (behold the contradiction. OK, proceed.) Took my journal and wrote for 10 whole minutes, but I made them count.

  • Do you prefer to use a pen or a pencil?
    Pen. And blue ink, always (unless I can find purple).
  • Would you rather solve a crossword puzzle or a difficult riddle?
    I like crossword puzzles better because the methodical nature is more apparent. My brain is sometimes good at unscrambling riddles — I did do very well in algebra. But words are my passion, and thus my vote. Of course, if people are riddles, give me those any day — they’re like gifts to unwrap (or to re-gift, depending).
  • Ask me a question (no, I’m not cheating, I just like to answer questions that I don’t have to come up with).
    This is for anybody reading: What made you smile today?

    On iTunes: Bo Bice, “Long Long Road”

  • 2 Responses to What? It’s not Monday? Where the hell are my days going?!?!

    1. Anonymous :

      Silver Blue checking in. What make me smile? Thinking of ways to do in the administration where i work who royally f*cked me over again, starting on year two, by not reviewing my position and seeing how far out of whack my pay is.

      Tomorrow, I go and see HR to make sure the revised work plan that was submitted last year never sees the light of day. After all…if they’re not going to pay me, I’m not going to effin do it. (more on my blog under “frustrations”)

    2. Pratt :

      what makes me smile today? seeing Princess respond well to her meds.