Sounds like … intelligence

Random observation: Most women love a guy who can speak different languages, and let’s face it, we sometimes need a thong change when we hear a good, thick accent (for me, it’s an Italian accent that gets me every time).

But, I’ll tell you what: Nothing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like hearing a man speak English. There is something about subject/verb agreement spoken in a clear voice that gets me all hot and bothered. Impeccable grammar is so underrated! (Can you tell I’m a editorial type? LOL.)

Potential suitors: Yes, I am that easy! 😉

Potential e-mailers: English language proficiency also applies in the written form. Bonus points if you don’t use Internet-speak because I don’t know if you really are k-e-w-l or simply braindead.

On iTunes: Janet Jackson, “If”

One Lonely Response to Sounds like … intelligence

  1. apollonaire :

    Sing it, sista solja!!!
    (Not proper english but I’m not a guy and I’m not trying to pick you up!)