Reader Poll Monday Tuesday

*Swiped from my beloved Swirly Girl.

1. Do you wear a watch?
I have 25 watches, and they all need batteries (and all I have lying around the house are Double As). I’ve all but given up on wrist-wear thanks to a mild case of carpal tunnel, so I rely on my cell phone for the time. In fact, a woman asked me the time the other day, and I pulled out my phone. She said, “Oh, I guess I could have done that.” And we marveled how watches are heading the way of the dinosaurs.

2. What’s your favorite pizza topping(s)?
In order: Extra Cheese, Ranch Dressing. Chicken, Pepperoni. Preferably, a combination thereof.

3. What’s your blood type?
*scratches head* I think it’s O. But I do know it has the Rh Factor.

4. Lunch/supper/dinner…what do you call your mid-day meal and your evening meal?
Lunch and dinner. Or, “Chocolate”!

5. Men: do you prefer women to have long or short hair? Ladies: do you prefer men to be clean-shaven or to have facial hair?
Mom and I were discussing this yesterday, how we will always have a weakness for scruffy, long-haired, rocker-type dudes (see Constantine and Bo, who always get my votes on “American Idol”).

But, I go the opposite way, too — there’s something about the clean-shaven professional types that makes you wonder if they are really animals underneath the tidy exterior. Rowr. 😉 There are many uses for a tie collection, I say. And I know how to sew buttons back onto dress shirts. 😉

6. If forced to choose, would you rather lose your sense of smell and taste or your sense of hearing?
I’d rather lose my sense of smell and taste. It would make public restrooms so much more pleasant.

7. What’s one of your guilty pleasures?
Shopping. Like, I hate to be in the house and will spend a whole day driving all over creation to shop. I give myself little adventures — like a new denim miniskirt or a green hair clip or whatever — and go nuts finding everything BUT. 🙂

8. What color underwear are you wearing right now?
Black boyshorts with a hot pink trim around the waist. On the front, in tiny letters on my left side, it says “I Love Me” and, on the right-side cheek, it says “Who Doesn’t?”

9. Are you allergic to anything?
Mold, dust, fresh-cut grass. Pet dander (says she who has two puds). Lactose (although I will gladly suffer for ice cream!).

10. What are your thoughts on abstinence-focused sex education?
Y’all are screwing yourselves if you think THAT will work!

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