Otherwise known as: Why you haven’t heard from me

I turn my back on one little e-mail account for FOUR days (one account out of seven!), and this is what I see:

I’m sorry — I’m trying to wade my way through all of this! Happy birthday, summer solstice or whatever life event I’ve missed! Sheesh.

Do me a favor — bloggers, please provide an RSS or Atom feed for me. And if you do, be sure to select “show entire entry” instead of just showing a title and a snippet. I would be LOST without my newsreader, and you’d be helping a crazy-busy (well, “crazy” anyway!) gal to keep up with your life. For those of you who provide feeds (and full ones, at that), well, I love you. *mwah*

On iTunes: Eels, “Fresh Feeling”

4 Responses to Otherwise known as: Why you haven’t heard from me

  1. Tiff :

    Did I not tell you that the feedreader would revolutionize your Internet consumption? Who loves ya, baby?

  2. Pratt :

    ahem ..I see my name on there…*taps foot* looks at watch*

  3. Dawn :

    Feed reading rocks socks!! Thank you!!!

    And Pratt? Get in line. 😉 (Just kidding!) I’m just glad y’all remember I’m out here. 🙂

  4. shizgirl :

    I’m on there, too! LOL!