No weddings and a funeral

‘Starved’ for attention, apparently

Talk about beating a dead horse: Mark Fuhrman’s book on the Terry Schiavo case proves once and for all that nothing ever dies. Much as it sometimes needs to. This is just as bad an idea as the Jennifer Wilbanks book deal.

A non-bride who actually deserves a toast!

Speaking of losing the groom — but, in this case, moving on gracefully — here’s an idea. We should be giving our lovin’ to Katie Hosking, who called off her wedding (what a CONCEPT!) and decided to not only hold the reception anyway, but to also invite homeless individuals for a grand night of feasting and dancing.

And no, I wouldn’t suggest a book deal. Although I can definitely understand the inclination to want to throw a parade for someone who decided to make her “special day” a special one, indeed, for dozens of people who are having anything but. I’d rather see Jenny-Jen’s half-mil book deal money ripped from her greedy little hands and used way more philanthropically than as a reward for her assholitry.

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One Lonely Response to No weddings and a funeral

  1. Shizgirl :

    What a GREAT idea! The guy she didn’t marry is really losing out.