Moving on, part deux

Not only might I get a change of scenery in the near future, but everything else around me is changing, too.

And it’s about damn time. 🙂

My friend Shan and her husband are going to try to come and visit for my birthday next month. w00t! Well, not ON it, but during the weekend after it. I’m trying not to burst at the seams with joy at the prospect, but let’s face it — I’m thrilled at just the idea of it!

I also found out today that a dear friend is going to be having a BOY. A boy, I say! I love little boys. If ever the day should come (lightning strikes, Dawn goes *poof*), I would prefer to have a boy over a girl (I saw “Thirteen.” I almost got my tubes tied after seeing THAT). And now I get to shop for insanely adorable boy clothes — and blue IS my favorite color. Hurrah!

We won’t mention that I knew three months ago that it would be a boy. Why people pay for sonograms when all they have to do is call me is beyond my guess. 🙂 The daddy is thrilled — he looked at the sonogram and said, “He’s packing!” and made a comment about how certain ethnicities are predisposed to having bigger penises than others. The mom was mortified. I have no comment. 😉

Anyway, it all serves to remind me that no matter the degree of life suckage that occurs sometimes, there are always miracles waiting to happen. And to think how easy it is to just give up — but, look at the rewards if you can manage to keep it together long enough to see the good things that are in store. …

On iTunes: Breaking Benjamin, “Rain”

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