More things I love about working at home

1. I don’t have any human contact unless I initiate it.

2. I play with my cats whenever I want.

3. I can eat pickles and peanut butter and nobody asks me any stupid questions about it (and the answer is “not likely” in case you were going to ask!).

4. I can thaw something for dinner by taking it out of the freezer and going to work until it’s ready to cook (e.g., no microwave thawing required).

5. I smoke at my desk without pissing anybody off.

6. My bathroom is not funky and my coffee is fabulous.

7. My lunches are awesome — I make the best damn sammiches on the planet! (Next to Primanti’s, of course. Nobody can reach that level of supreme goodness. Well, maybe Fat Head’s, but both are 250 miles from here, as is the tempation of sweet potato fries from Uncle Sam’s.)

And with that, it is time for a dinner break. 😉

On iTunes: Bowling for Soup, “1985”

One Lonely Response to More things I love about working at home

  1. A.McSholty :

    I thought I posted this last night but apparently it didn’t take. I’d PAY you to make me a decent sammich. Do you KNOW how difficult it is to get a decent sammich in Old Town?!