Maybe moving isn’t such a horrible idea after all


Because I paid my rent, oh, five minutes late and even overpaid the late fee, I got an immediate-eviction notice. Can you tell me WHY they would give me an eviction notice … but with my RENT CREDIT scrawled at the top of it? Fucking idiots.

Bonaventure Realty, people. Public service announcement: Stay the hell away from them. Love and kisses from the bitch on the second floor with the cat who wipes her ass on the walls. 🙂 I hope the housing bubble bursts all over their faces, and no I will NOT pass them a tissue. Hah.

Adding to the morning’s auspicious start, I was coming off a ramp onto 395-North today and, as you local yokels know, if you don’t merge left, oh, IMMEDIATELY, you’re regaled to going right back off the highway ’cause you’re barreling toward the exit that’s about 10 inches from the ramp that put you ON the highway.

My dumb ass tried to generate good karma and let somebody in front of me so I could take their spot in the other lane. I did not count on an 18-wheeler FLOORING it and not letting me merge. *sigh* Guess who had to drive around fucking East Jabip to get back on course?

Oh, but wait — there’s more. A blood vessel in my right eye BROKE during all of this. This is my eye that twitches when my nerves are in overdrive, but alas, now it’s dry and sore and, um, RED. Hooray.

In better news, the troops at work have been coming up with many potential apartment sources for me. Although the one wonderful lad who asked his landlord about rental properties was told by said slumlord rather gleefully that they can charge any damn price they want because this area is in such high demand. Again, hooray. Something tells me the next place will cost me about $1,300, rats and mice included. 😉

Here’s a list of things landlords can deduct from your security deposit when you move out. Me? I don’t get mine back, but given what the puddy tats have doneo to assault the place, I wouldn’t be surprised to get a bill. …

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One Lonely Response to Maybe moving isn’t such a horrible idea after all

  1. Erica :

    Ugh! Gawd. I generally hate the process of moving, but I’ve never had such a tough time finding a decent place to move into in the first place.

    Hope something turns up.