Laundry day

Subtitle: It’s called a dictionary. Open one someday.

So I broke down and did some laundry — it’s always a painful event. And apparently, the washer/dryer manufacturer knows just how desperate I must be to voyage into the bowels of my building just to generate some fresh guchies:

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6 Responses to Laundry day

  1. Anonymous :

    Egads! Sad beyond belief.


  2. Anonymous :

    Dang! And I so had imagined drowning myself during the spin cycle!
    Those bastards won’t even let you put some flair into a macabre event!


  3. Dawn :

    ROFL. Yeah, there was only one functioning machine in the building. Coincidence? Was everyone committing suicide by air drying themselves after ingesting a Tide toddy?

  4. Anonymous :

    LOL. Well ofcourse if you use their machine to commit suicide, then the police will have to take the machine in for evidence, then no one will be able to do their laundry. Gotta love those misprints. 😉

  5. Anonymous :

    Perhaps then management will get a clue and fix the fockers!

    LOL, drying yo’self ta def. Now that’s both tragic and painful! At least the dryer sheets stuck in your pockets would keep you from being stinky at least for a little bit. Now that’s macabre!

    Just about as macabre as dying from injesting a urinal cake! Mmmm, minty!


  6. Anonymous :

    …that should be “ingesting” he says in jest. Has my grasp of spelling dyed, I mean died?