It’s always odd when you’re out somewhere during the day, and then you come home and check your webstats and realize that people were on your website when you were in their building.

Just sayin’. Be warned — I may be in your neighborhood! LOL

In any event, I’m up to no good today, so I’ll be offline (like I’m ever online anymore!). I do want to send a special thank-you to Amalah for looking out for a fellow blogfriend. 😉

This is my month. I feel it in my bones. November sucked. Hoo boy, what a waste of an existence THAT month was! There are so many songs that bemoan everything November-ish because it’s dark and depressing and hopeless. I feel like, if I can just make it through the next few weeks, then I’ll become myself again. But a better version of it. And my fondest wish is to just have enough money for a couple of tanks of gas so I can see my family for the holidays. And if I have more, great, because I owe that family all the money and love in the world for saving my ass time and again when they don’t even have any to spare. The hardest part of being down on your luck is seeing other people hurting for you — it’s simultaneously a killer and a motivator. It’s just a matter of letting the right side win.

On iTunes: Scissor Sisters, “It Can’t Come Quickly Enough”

2 Responses to Irony

  1. Anonymous :

    This is where I bust out my very best Axl Rose impression and belt out… “It’s hard to hold a candle/ In a cold November Rain….”


  2. Anonymous :

    If I had my Morrissey MP3s at work I’d post one for ya now!

    And that gas thing? You let me know if it’s an issue. We’ll make it work.