‘Idol’ musings

I know, I promised to ban watching “American Idol” after Constantine was unceremoniously exiled last week. But I got home just after 8 p.m., and curiosity killed the cat for a reason — it’s like biting a wire with a live electric current, watching the carnage.

But it’s neat to watch for the sheer entertainment value and nothing else. I mean, I watched every week, hoping for all the contestants to do well. I wanted them to shine — they’re living out their dreams onstage, and good for them. We should all be so fortunate, to do exactly what we want in the exact way we want to do it.

Now, though, I am barely pulling for my remaining favorites (although, truth be told, I’d like to see Bo win this thing and have Carrie be the first runner-up). Dan had turned me on to a site that seems to be down now, but it was “Vote for the Worst,” and it encouraged everyone to vote for Scott Savol, just to screw with the results. And while I was mildly appalled at first, I get it now.

Someone had commented last week that we shouldn’t want the best to win — the winners (with the exception of Kelly) haven’t exactly been rockin’ the pop charts.

I was watching Scott closely tonight — he’s so out of his league. And when he was interviewed, he said he has a “fashion coordinator” to make him look appealing onstage. Um, yeah, he or she had better hang him or herself after that — I would hardly nominate him as my claim to career fame. *twitch*

OK, and Vonzell? She’s damn good vocally, but something about her irritates me. I know what it is because I do it too — it’s that chipmunk-y, icky-sweet voice she pulls out of nowhere. I use that voice when I know I’m in trouble or when I’m trying to soften a blow I know I have to deliver. She’s classier than last season’s Ghetto Fabulous winner and all, but personality is just as important as a rockin’ set of pipes.

Bo — I swear, he’s wearing the same jacket I had in high school, with the fringe and all. I like him because he reminds me of someone I used to be hot for. He doesn’t have the mass appeal that Constantine did, though, but the boy has raw talent, and that makes up for maybe having a bit less finesse. And hell, he’s still there. Let’s hope it stays that way.

I’m not voting tonight. That will be my boycott from now on. I will allow myself to vote in the finals, if it comes down to someone good against someone tragic. But, I assure you — while I “get” the “Vote for the Worst” concept, I will not spend my money (even if it’s just a dime) on supporting a candidate I don’t believe in — we already have one slack-jawed imbecile in the nation’s highest office, and we don’t need one winning the nation’s favorite television competition, either. Isn’t this nation sick of getting screwed?!?!

5 Responses to ‘Idol’ musings

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  2. Anonymous :

    What the hell is up with comment number 1????


  3. Anonymous :

    Anyway. Back to the subject at hand. You said:

    “we already have one slack-jawed imbecile in the nation’s highest office, and we don’t need one winning the nation’s favorite television competition, either.”

    You’re starting to get it, Dawn, but you’re not quite there yet. One of the main reasons AI is so highly rated is not just because everyone is rooting for the nice pretty singing people, but because it affords an opportunity for snarky people like me to watch in the hopes of a total train wreck.
    No, I’m not calling in votes for Slingblade, but I think it would be hilarious if he keeps advancing.

    The lowest moment of the season so far for me was when Mikaela was voted off. That chick was about a hair away from a total nervous breakdown on stage. And that’s some good television!

    I know, I’m horrible, taking pleasure in others’ misery. But nobody put them on stage at gunpoint. So I will delight in the pure awfulness of it all.


  4. Dawn :

    Dan, you have shown me the light. 🙂 Although I have to admit, Scott being voted off last night somehow righted the course of the world. I guess we just have to root for A-Fed as our “Idol” villain. Oh, and what the hell is up with that no-talent hack Corey Clark and his allegations? I fell asleep listening to his god-awful song.

  5. Dawn :

    Oh, and what the hell IS up with that first comment? I like the dancing creature, though. 🙂