How much is that doggie Dawnie* in the window

* I will break your kneecaps if you ever call me that. This is not a test. 🙂

Working at home is a lonely endeavor. Even for me, and I hate human interaction, for the most part. 😉 But once in awhile, I find myself hanging out at my sliding glass door like a Garfield window cling, especially when the FedEx or UPS guys are parked outside.

I was heartbroken this morning when a delivery guy was in my building at 9:30 a.m. and had nothing for me. Actually, I do have Passion Parties merchandise on order, and I was expecting the shipment today (’cause I’m seeing my customers tomorrow!).

Anyway, I tidied up as best I could, sans proper caffeination. I unlocked the door. I waited ever so patiently but expectantly, as if I were waiting for a booty call (even though it was only of the postal variety) to arrive.

And the driver had the audacity to leave without bringing me any goodies.


There’s always hope for an afternoon run. 😉 But wouldn’t it have been glorious to know I can leave the house and not miss a delivery?!?!

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One Lonely Response to How much is that doggie Dawnie* in the window

  1. Funkalicious :

    Oh my, speaking of FedEx…

    Last Friday, I get a FedEx package (a semi-regular delivery). The regular driver guy (as opposed to the sub driver guy who just grunts and won’t look me in the eye) is tall, fairly handsome and super nice. Anyways, I heard his truck and I had the door open by the time he got up the stairs. He asked “How did you know it was me?” I said, “Ummm…I heard your truck.” He smiled big. So he hands me his clipboard for me to sign off on the package and I see the page is blank. I say, “Wow, I’m first?” (It’s early afternoon. Heh.) he said, “Well, that’s actually my *second* page of the day…but you’re always number one.” Omg! I laugh and sign off and hand it back. He turned to elave, then turned around, looked me right in the eye just a teeny bit too long and asked me if I was going to stay inside and warm and dry that day. (It was cold and raining pretty hard) I told him “that’s the plan”. He told me to have a nice weekend and I wished him the same. He went back to his truck, idled for 10 minutes then finally left.

    So..does he want a date or is he just not that into me?

    Very silly book, BTW…