Go West, young lass

Just saying hello from the West Coast, where the speed limit is 45 mph and the crime is so low that cops have little else to do but enforce it.

I am actually loving it here in the Pacific Northwest. People are a little too freaking happy, though. I’m still stuck in my East Coast mentality that you should be multi-tasking and accomplishing 40 things at once.

Let me tell you how nice people are. I almost ran smack into a woman in the grocery store. Totally woulda been my fault — I was running and didn’t look around. What did she do? Moved her cart out of the way, smiled and told me, “Here honey, let me move this for you.” My god, if I were still in D.C., that cart would have been rammed up someone’s behind, and I’m not sure whose!

Have a funny story. Have been playing with the adorable 1-year-old Alex, who has incidentally grown two inches and increased her vocabulary AND started eating solid foods since I last saw her in August. Anyway, she likes to pinch nipples. So yesterday, she was pinching my chest where she thought mine should be, and I said, “No honey, they’re not up that high anymore!” LOL.

Anyway, I’ve been off blogging so long, I had to do it quickly. Also quit smoking, too. This trip for me has been even better than I imagined! Miss you all bunches! ;

2 Responses to Go West, young lass

  1. Funkalicious :

    Of course, while you’re out here, Mt. St. Helens awakens from a 20 year slumber. Coincidence?

    I know what you mean about people being too freakin’ happy. Up here in Spokane, people have this annoying habit of engaging the checkout clerks in deep conversation, even when their transaction is over and there is a long line. Nothing wrong with being polite and friendly, but shut the hell up already, ya know?

    I’m glad you are enjoying your trip.

  2. Anonymous :

    this is apollonaire.
    quit smoking???
    good luck with that one, honey.
    I miss the west coast.
    Your observations are so true!