Free Katie!

Because my brain is FRIED and will be for the foreseable future, I leave you with the lamest blog post I could possibly come up with.

Speaking of lame …

It’s time, America, to Free Katie from the clutches of the Sultan of Scientology (aka, her gay boyfriend Tom Cruise).

Seriously, why he was jumping up on Oprah’s couch that he’s dating her is beyond me, but then again, if I were doing her, I am certain I’d be exploding with joy myself. And in all fairness, I’m pretty sure that I’d know my way around a bit better than ol’ Tom. We need to slip him some Ecstasy and drop him off at the nearest boy bar and let him twirl around like a little girl in a more appropriate environment.

Seriously, I was never into him — and yeah, I saw “Risky Business” and “Top Gun” (and “Cocktail” — sweet weeping Jesus, what a waste of vodka) and all the other movies from when I was a wee lass. There are certain men who are “too pretty” to be straight, and Tom is prettier than most of the women I know.

Anyway, I was instructed to come home and do whatever I need to do to relax. So I went shopping for shoes and scandalous underwear … and found NOTHING. Argh — why is it when you WANT to spend money, you can’t, yet when you’re broke, everything catches your eye?

Oh, unrelated, I totally got busted speeding this morning. And I kept on speeding — figured it couldn’t hurt to get the hell away from the scene of the crime, and really, what are the odds of being nailed twice on the same trip? 😉

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One Lonely Response to Free Katie!

  1. michael :

    I hate shoe shopping. I love shoes, and tend to buy funky tennis shoes and like fairly regularly, but the shopping.. ugh. It never fails that when I NEED a new pair of brown dress shoes all of the acceptable options aren’t my size and all that’s left are “old men” shoes with tassles.