Enchilada, cha cha cha!

Although I am admittedly not much fun to be around these days, Ted and his incredible family beat me over the head and dragged me out of the cave for The. Best. Meal. Ever. He’s nice enough to give you the recipes, so I suggest you copy them and try them ASAP (and have me over to dinner so I can taste them to make sure you made them right!).

In addition to being a terrific friend, Ted can cook! My belly is a happy one. And, not to mention, I got leftovers! w00t!

That’s not to say that Life didn’t pull on the shitkickers and remind me that happiness is fleeting. (Turning the hairy eyeball toward these asshats. Merry f’ing Christmas to you, too. I’ve got a full litterbox with your names on it!)

On iTunes: The Byrds, “Turn Turn Turn”

One Lonely Response to Enchilada, cha cha cha!

  1. Anonymous :

    Best. Meal. Ever? You’re too kind (and exaggerate too). 😀 But I’m glad you enjoyed it.