Dirty thoughts

We interrupt this otherwise perfectly boring existence to ask, because inquiring minds want to know:

Did you ever have a deliciously lascivious thought pop up out of nowhere (typically at the worst possible time), last only a moment but yet serve to disturb your entire center of gravity for an extended period of time?

Yeah, neither have I. 😉 Nor have I ever been so downright discombobulated by it that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. 😀

I need to go to the bathroom now. Carry on. …

On iTunes: Jeff Buckley, “Everybody Here Wants You”

4 Responses to Dirty thoughts

  1. EatShiz :

    You just totally described a normal day in my life. Heh.

  2. Dawn :

    After years of working with manly women and girly men, I now spend my day in testosterone-filled halls. It’s starting to have an effect on me. 😉

  3. BillSaysThis :

    I do not believe this. Not in the slightest.

  4. Dawn :

    Ah, Bill, you know me so well. … 😉