Dinner at Dawn’s!

Yesterday I told you about how my fridge went snap, crackle, pop. In the comments, I made mention of how the maintenance guy said he’d come back someday to move the fridge and look at it.

Well, hooray, looks like I am going to be cooking up a storm tonight, because every item in my very-full freezer has thawed. Lucky me. I figured that with my sudden lack of livable income, I should stock up on food during this tough little time until I actually get a *real* income again. Hah. My bad.

I just talked to the one maintenance guy with a functioning brain, and he’s headed over here right now to take a look at it (UPDATE: Fridge is dead as a fucking doornail. Compressor blew out). I get a new fridge tomorrow, which will be lovely but I’d rather not have to be up being Betty Fucking Crocker and/or running out to buy ice by the metric ton.

So far, I’ve been here a year and had to get a new stove, get the dishwasher serviced and now possibly get a new fridge. And this is the second time I’ve lost all my food — last year, we lost power for seven days after Hurricane Isabel, and I’d had a full fridge then because I was freshly out of surgery and unable to get out of the house for awhile. I’m getting incredibly sick of my life being inconvenienced this way, but I guess I can’t complain because A) I don’t have to buy the new appliances and B) it’s not like I have rent money anyway, so I can pretend I’m just too angry to pay. 😉

But I won’t Google-bomb the management company the way Tiff likes to Google-bomb her slumlords. However, I’ve got a lot of ground meat and salmon just begging to go on the grill and be barbecued at midnight. Who’s up for an impromptu dinner party? 😉

On iTunes: Nancy Sinatra, “These Boots are Made for Walking”

5 Responses to Dinner at Dawn’s!

  1. Anonymous :

    Unfortunately, I’ve got an extra hole in my head this evening. Cooking breakfast too? 😉

  2. Dawn :

    Lots of breakfast goodies in thaw mode, too. C’mon over!

  3. Anonymous :

    Compressor eh? I guessed right! It’s too bad the fridge is full, hey wait a minute, that’s a good thing! It sucks when it is empty and that little light in there is shining only on the condiments in your fridge door.

    Hey at least you’ll have 2 drooling/adoring fans tonight while grilling up the salmon and hamburgers–right?! Maybe you should invite some friends over and have a late night Dawn’s Diner dinner party with a $5/person cover charge? And lunch tommorrow you will be a microwave zap away from hamburger heaven. And for dinner tommorrow salmon steaks, some rice, dinner rolls and some wine–mmmmm you’re gonna be living right!

    I’m sure you’re glad you don’t have to buy a new fridge. Ah, the joys of apartment living! Having to buy and fix stuff plain sucks sometimes. I hope you get gainfully employed soon.

    What’s a Google Bomb? And what would make Tiff want to Google Bomb her slum lords?

  4. Pratt :

    Meat or fish? that’s so like you *eg*

  5. Dawn :

    Pratt: Suddenly I want to break out in song — “I feel like chicken tonight” after those horrible TV ads. And damn it, I just bought chicken on my way home tonight, too. Fuck!!!

    Anonymous: Reveal thyself! 🙂 I want to thank you personally for the idea of a $5/head fire hall-type of past adinner. 😉

    Google-bombing is an ingenious thing; can be used for good or evil. I suggest visiting Ted’s site for a prime example of Google Bombing for Justice. As far as Tiff, well, she likes to make sure she refers appropriately to corporate monsters who screw their customers. Does everyone remember the assclowns who double-charged Tom for an item they never even sent? LOL