‘Delicious Dawn’

Attended a great “spa party” last night. ‘Twas fun to see how the other half lives. I mean, I’m canceling my cable and deciding which of my stuff to sell so that I’m not homeless for the holidays, and here are women getting in-home spa treatments in a truly gorgeous, sprawling, fantastically decorated and furnished abode.

I’m not begrudging anybody, by the way. It’s great to see people thriving. And my turn is coming. One of these days. 😉

Anyway, back to the party. We were required to come up with names for ourselves. Our first name, of course, and a word that starts with the letter of our name. Hence, “Delicious Dawn” (which, as I explained to one of the male stand-up comics who showed up at the end of the evening to entertain us ladies, was a prime example of truth in advertising!).

But onto other fun things, there was a sex toy party. No, I wasn’t the consultant in charge. 🙂 I was prepared to hate the woman, but I really enjoyed her. She was bubbly and theatrical and entertaining. She was from a different company than the one I represent, but it still helped me to watch her presentation. The company sells several similar products as my company, and they also have more risque stuff, too. And if I could do it all over again, I might have chosen the company the gal last night represented, only because I really do have a kinky side (it’s just a little bit out of practice these days. LOL), and some of the toys were much more up my personal alley.

But, alas, I am happier with the company I do represent. It’s classier. Some of the products may cost a few dollars more, but the value is higher, to me. Our presentations are less kinky than educational. We use proper body terminology (I admit I was horrified to hear the consultant refer to breasts as “headlights”) — not that I’m not above using slang (I’ve used it all my life and it’s weird as hell for me to actually say the phrase “clitoral hood” instead of, well, any other “c” word you can imagine). But when you’re trying to teach people how to have an orgasm, well, it’s uncomfortable enough for them without having me talk like a porn star. Although, if the scene is the right one, I’m only too pleased to do just that! 😉

Anyway, I saw a lot of people who used to know me. Some, I could sense, weren’t overly thrilled to have to cross paths with me again, but others seemed happy to see what I’m up to (which is a fat lot of nothing, unfortunately, but I am a good spin master). And I fail to name one person who didn’t say, “God, you look good. Your new life is agreeing with you.”

And that’s the funny part. I agree with them. I used to be a stress monkey for a lot of reasons, and now I’m stressed over a whole bunch of other things. But apparently I am handling it better. Or maybe, just maybe, I feel more in control. I think what used to happen was that I felt powerless to the things that devastated me. Now, I know that they aren’t going to change until I solve whatever mystery is at hand … and find an effective solution. Right now, the stress comes from finding temporary solutions to long-term problems and knowing that the short-term is going to be the hardest to survive.

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