Cleanup in aisle 4

So my balcony looks like an aisle at Safeway, thanks to the dead fridge. I’ve got beer and condiments and tubs of dairy and frozen foods catching a chill outside.

I have cooked an untold variety of things, with more to go. And that was after I threw away two full bags of stuff that just wasn’t worth saving. I think I spent more money on ice than I have on fuel for the vehicle, despite the cheapest gas in my area being more than $2/gallon. Hooray.

Anyway, had a lovely airport run this morning. Some friends are escaping to N’Orleans for a Halloween extravaganza. I’m also on puss patrol for them for the next week, too. I think they like having a friend who not only lives near the airport but who’s also unemployed ’cause I will spend quality time with their cats and help them to not pay a small fortune to park at DCA. They’d rather give the money to me (whee!). Hell, I get to go to their house and watch cable. I should be the one paying them!!! 😉

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