Apartment living

Whenver I ask my apartment complex to come in and fix something, somehow something else manages to go kaput in the process.

I would like to know how, when I asked them to repair the screen door on my balcony, my hot water goes out only in my tub. Holy frigid shower, batman! *shudder*

Oh, but wait — there’s more. One might want to, say, turn on the heat when it’s cold and/or when she has stepped into an Arctic shower, no? Apparently, no. I figured I’d try to warm up the apartment to bring my body temperature up to light blue instead of dark blue from said polar shower. Alas, the “heat” blew COLD air for the past two hours. COLD AIR!

Seriously, there was nothing wrong with anything in this joint before I asked them to simply patch up a screen.

And on that note (I am on a roll this morning — commuters beware!), do they have to use the CHEAPEST frames and screens possible? Jesus H, I go through like four screens a year because Kadi annhilates them with her claws. This is a cat-friendly establishment — all of us have screens with claw marks (I swear Kadi is going to blast through the bedroom window one of these days — she has weakened that poor screen tremendously just in the past month.

In any event, I guess I am going to do what I always do and fix what the maintenance people broke. I’m no stranger to my toolbox — I’m just handy like that. Guess you kinda have to be. 🙂 And no comments about any other possible *power tools* that might be in the vicinity!

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