All Bon Jovi, all the time

I would like to think I looked totally cute today, but it was a waste of an outfit.

Maddie and Kadi, however, are always adorable. They wish to hypnotize you with their cuteness. …

Mom always told me that, when things are at their worst, I should just keep it to myself because nobody else gives a shit. Today, I am going to take that advice and do what I always do when I’m at my wits’ end — I am going to play Every. Single. Bon. Jovi. Album. Ever. Made. Yes, kids, I’ve got 15 of ’em (some are imports). I’m going to go curl and tease my hair, put on some blue eyeshadow and jelly bracelets, and get balls-to-the-wall pretty. Damn it. LOL.

Nah, just kidding about that last part. Maybe. 😉

And, if you’re wondering, I’m over the election — my rock bottom is pretty much unrelated. With my last few cents, though, I bought my “Don’t Blame Me: I Voted for Kerry” bumpersticker. I just hope the car won’t be repo’d anytime soon! 😉

On iTunes: Bon Jovi, “Lie to Me”

One Lonely Response to All Bon Jovi, all the time

  1. Lauren :

    I have a reggae cover of “Dead or Alive” that will kick your ass. Good stuff.