All blogged out

I just found myself missing the old Friday Five meme — at least it gave me something to blog about when I had no ideas what the hell to do with this site for days at a time (kind of like right now!). I’ve got like seven million unanswered e-mails, an unstarted freelance project, 30 voice mails and about 600 bills still unpaid from like a year ago or longer. Oh, and about 68 loads of laundry to do this weekend.

And, I’ve never been happier.

Go figure.

I’m just happily crunching on some Pad Thai and loving life. And itching to write in my journal, although again, WTF do I have to say right now?

That my closet looks like the goddamned Old Navy outlet, which means I have nothing to wear to work? Or that I had the perfect outfit on this morning — the colors all matched real pretty — and I looked like a sweet potato with feet in it, despite it being navy blue and lavender?

Or that I’m glad I don’t have a date tonight because that means I’d have to pretty much blow up the apartment because it would take less time to torch it than it would to clean it?

That my baby girl turns 9 years old tomorrow and I haven’t updated her website in like a month and am getting hate mail because of it? That all I have planned for her birthday is some gourmet food and an ass shaving because she smells like a sewer from an errant dingelberry I didn’t feel like picking out of her ass this morning?

Seriously, this is like a radio request hour — what should I blog about? You want anecdotes? Advice? Asininity and assholitry, more than the usual dose? Tunage? Speak! 🙂

On iTunes: G. Love & Special Sauce, “Rodeo Clowns”

3 Responses to All blogged out

  1. A.McSholty :

    How ’bout something bat shit? It is April Fools after all.

    Tells us about the weirdest thing, in recent memory, that has happened to you.

    Or you can always go the two truths and a lie route and have us try to guess which is the lie.

  2. Anonymous :

    Tunage!! You always have such good stuff “playing” with your posts.


  3. ms7168 :

    Other people missed it too. So . . voila!