23 miles in 11 minutes

That’s how fast I drove today from Fairfax City to my abode when my apartment management called to inform me that my younger cat Kadi was loose.

My next-door neighbor was kind enough to call the rental office for them to page me. I was out visiting my furry niece Chi and my furry nephew Jupiter while their parents are on vacation (I pick them up at the airport tomorrow, actually). I had just stopped at Fair Oaks Mall to waste some time when the call came through. And no kidding, I hopped onto the highways at the speed of sound and made it home in record time. I mean, hell, it took me more than a half hour to get there this morning!

So, alas, I came home to see Kadi dangling from the balcony railing as I approached. I yelled at her to go inside, and she did. I closed the balcony doors (it was almost 80 degrees today and has been for the past few days) and went to thank the neighbor who called. Another neighbor said, “Oh, that’s your cat? She looked so sweet but she meowed a lot at us, like she didn’t want us to come near her.” Yes, now the whole apartment complex has met the Short Bus of the cat world. *sigh*

Kadi is in her cage right now — I had to go out and buy a screen repair kit (because I just had the apartment management replace the screen three months ago), so we know what I’ll be doing in a few minutes. (Aside to Tiff, I’m feeling very handy tonight! LOL)

On iTunes: Melissa Ferrick, “Drive”

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