You just do better next time

I’m getting Stewie a bath today. Seventy-five bucks. I figure I wash him once a year. Last year’s trip led to a $300 repair after the guy broke my wiper transmission.  But I figured that was the universe getting me back for not being able to tip the guy the year before. 

I was debating handing cash to the guy I think I stiffed. But hell if I would know if it’s the same one. I remember the guy who broke the car though. He isn’t here. 

I was telling mom about it. She said the same thing after i told her how terrible I felt after Maddie got sick and I didn’t even notice. She said you just do better the next time. 

So the guy today will get a good tip. And Kadie goes to the vet tomorrow. She’s lost some weight and is starting to pull out her own fur. Just like her momma. 

Well. I’m not literally yanking out my hair. Just metaphorically over all that’s going on and my utter inability to deal with it. Maybe it’s good that Dish Network is losing Bravo and CNBC. I can’t hide in reality tv and work anymore. 

But I did lose another pound this week. Go, me. 

This is me doing better this time. 


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