You are ’16 … going on ’17

On this day last year, I decided that 2016 would be the year of “enough.”

I defined it materialistically in my head. That what I had was enough. Enough clothes, enough income, enough friends.

I see now where that went horribly wrong.

By year-end 2016, I’d had enough, all right — enough of the users, abusers and insults and wasted time. Enough inane conversations and not enough time to get things done. Not even great things — just daily things. That I’d had more than enough of.

So I thought I’d come into 2017 with “plenty” as my mantra. I have plenty. I will always have plenty. Blessings are plentiful.

But I wonder if that doesn’t throw me into another dumpster fire of a year like the one that just mercifully ended a few hours ago.

Of course, if Trump really does become president (gah, ugh, hork, vomit), we’re fucked. Illiterate, ill-spoken, ill-tempered and small-dicked fool.

And I’ve already had PLENTY ENOUGH of his shit.

Need to think about this one a bit. This next four years is already going to be a goddamned nightmare. 

Need to figure out where to get some joy where I can. And right now, I don’t see where it will come from.

Other than from fellow Democrats and the internet …

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