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Someone who was good to me died today.

The title is a nod to him. As long as it’s in yellow highlight. With a comment in the margin that says, “Preefrood please.”

I’m just over here wondering why God works the way She does.

Given the location and his condition, it’s probably coronavirus. Which he would call a “Demorcrat hoax.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if his final act were to persuade his doctors that it was “just” pneumonia. This man could sell shit to shitheads.

But I loved his wife and she loved him, as did my old boss. So, I can forgive that.

I have people to reach out to.

My mind went immediately to my old boss who was so good to me. This is his third close friend in a short time to pass. He couldn’t make it to the last funeral. With the (albeit loose) stay-at-home order, what if he misses this one too? I can’t bear that for him, again.

In any event, maybe this is why people die. So the rest of us reach out to each other to say hello and to let them know we’re holding space for them.

Maybe with this Fourth Turning we’re experiencing, we won’t all retreat to our respective living worlds after we’ve connected.

Oh who am I kidding. Workaholics gonna workaholic.

That’s what made this loss so tragic. And so great. The stories he’s told. The stories still untold. So many stories.

I know what his final projects were. They will never, never be as great as they could have been.

Of course, again knowing my workaholic old boss, he will tell them … and probably even better … for his old friend.

I’ll always think of Harleys and his love for his Redhead. And how they both gave me a leg up in life that I’ve barely taken advantage of.

Time to change that.

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