Wrestling, rassling, rustling


Whatever the word, my head is a drug-free psychotropic hayride at the moment.

Today’s horoscope:

Your combination of intuition and intelligence is lethal now — to the competition. Engage both your brain and your gut, and a decision you’ve been going back and forth about is crystal clear — and very advantageous.

My take:

Not right now, it ain’t clear. But hot damn, having options does wonders for a girl’s self-esteem!

Updated, via Astrocenter.com:

It might seem like your brain and heart are working secretly against you today, dawn. You might be sensing that they have teamed up to keep your head in a swirling maelstrom of confusion that you can’t seem to pull yourself out of. Look beyond the mundane confusion that this day seems to be dishing out. Connect with your sensitive and receptive side, sit back, and let someone else do the thinking.

My take, redux:

Otherwise known as: Cryptic Bullshit Time!!!! 😀

OK, I like this one better. It unfortunately, though, reminds me of the question I keep wanting to ask and the answer I keep dodging when it is asked of me. But maybe it doesn’t matter — not in the short term, anyway. Maybe I need to quit planning ahead and just take things as they come and resolve to be OK if certain things come but others do not. Maybe now isn’t the time to be thinking so far ahead. But during that “ahead” time, I don’t want to be mentally poking myself in the ass with a pointy-toed shoe while looking back, either.

At this point, I have nothing left to do other than to be satisfied that the worst has not happened (and I’m choking on trying not to say the word “yet”). And whatever does happen will likely be all for the best. But what hangs in the balance is some errant X factor that I have no way of controlling or even testing, for that matter. Maybe it resolves itself either way, depending on the outcome, although one wonders whether that, indeed, is my “final answer” or whether someday, somehow, a road exists for revisiting.

Somehow, I’m more confused than when I started writing this entry!

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  1. Shawn Lea :

    Hi. Sorry to post this here, but I can’t find your e-mail address anywhere to send you the instructions for the Carnival of Recipes – if you need them as I know you’ve hosted before. Please send me an e-mail so I can get it your way. Thanks, Shawn.