Holy shiznit

Caution: “Idol” spoiler ahead.

America are you out of your FUCKING MIND?!?! I would have thought that my dozens of votes for Chris Daughtry would have helped him to stay on the show. You kept that shrieky Katharine McFuckingPhee over HIM?!?!

Now who the hell am I supposed to fantasize about? (Heh. “Hybrids.” *slurp*)

And why is it that I have never once picked the “Idol” winner? (I’d been between Chris and Mandisa. Now I am putting my bets on Taylor.)

In any event, I will champion for Chris for as long as he has a career in the performing arts. Just as soon as I can talk again after SCREAMING at the television.

4 Responses to Holy shiznit

  1. Mel :

    I am a couple of hours behind you… WTF! I love Chris! Noooo! I am gonna go drown myself in ice cream now. I’m not even gonna bother watching. *Sniff Sniff* *I love you man*

  2. The Goddess :

    I don’t need an excuse to drown myself in ice cream, but this isn’t an excuse — this is perfectly warranted. It’s mandatory to console oneself. Who the hell am I gonna think about in the wee small hours of the night NOW?!?! 😉

  3. Neil Morse :

    Elliott. What? I adore the little hobbit.

  4. Victor :

    You know when that was announced, my second thought was, “Dawn’s gonna need alcohol, and lots of it!” My first thought was, of course, “Holy SHIT!!!”

    Then again, I’ve been flip-flopping between Katharine and Taylor. Chris got on my nerves early on when he kept making devil horns every ten seconds.