I was just looking at my checking account and wondering how I’m even going to afford the gas to drive to Dulles for my upcoming escape, and my lucky stars must have heard me.

I got my security deposit back from the old place in the mail today. They only took out $15 — for what, I have no idea — but it was nice to have $600 to deposit for gambling expenses and stuff.

But wait, there’s more. I got another $200 for the use of one of my Flickr photos, too! I knew it was coming eventually, but I’d sort of given up hope on it.

I have one more check coming soon (I hope) from a $100 deposit I put on an apartment I didn’t take because I was smoking crack, thinking I’d move to Silver Spring. Hah. Staying in D.C. was an economical decision — sure, I am paying more in rent, but I sure as hell think the money part is worth it, to keep from having to invest the time and frustration to register my car in yet another municipality.

So, all told, my new hire started, I got nearly $800 in the mail and various other weird but wonderful moments took place. I’m ridiculously behind in my work, but fuck that — I feel like I’m on top of the world!

And don’t THINK I’m not wondering whether I should learn Blackjack or whether I can actually dump all that money in the slot machines and see if I can double it. 😉 …

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