Because these days, I am conditioned to think in 40-character bursts.

* Decided I wanted a whole new set of luggage. Reality set in and I picked up a cute Nine West weekender bag instead.

* Drove away from the luggage set I wanted, went to another store and bought the weekender bag, and returned to the first store to look at the full luggage set. You know, just in case it was put on sale in the interim. It wasn’t. 😉

* The “cheap” gas in my ‘hood is at $3.17/gallon.

* I’ll be leaving my tank unfilled in hopes that the crude and gasoline futures drop sometime soon.

* Why yes, I am a dreamer — why do you ask?

* Piece-of-shit laptop from work, well, NOT working. Haaaaa.

* Debating exchanging couch/loveseat for MacBook.

* Tried to buy an iPod at Best Buy. No one would wait on me. Good thing, as Comcast bill arrived. $345! Installation was $120, and I don’t even have digital or premium channels!

* HATE Comcast.


* Had insomnia last night. Woke up in time to see Bon Jovi’s new video on VH1 at 3 a.m. *sweet dreams* Ironic how my body shook awake out of a dream to see Jon!

* Wondering where things stand.

* Wondering whether they’ll still be standing.

* Wondering just what that look really meant.

* Wondering just how many outfits I can shove into that little weekender bag.

* My suitcase is still packed from the last time I went away. Yeesh. Although that probably explains where the outfits are that I’ve been searching for. …

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