Who, me cry?

The “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale was fan-fucking-tastic, but I wasn’t “sobbing” crying. Just happily sniffling here and there.

And then, THEN, this song led us into the moment no one saw coming, and it was all over for me.

*shakes fist at Shonda Rhimes*

Damn it, I was FINE until I heard Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars.”

Here, you cry too. I’ll pass you the tissues, that is, if there are any left. …


3 Responses to Who, me cry?

  1. Tiff :

    I was restraining the urge to sob starting in Finn’s office with Dog, and could barely contain myself when Alex demonstrated that somewhere along the way, he had a heart transplant of his own.

  2. The Goddess :

    Heh — I knew I couldn’t be the only one witnessing Alex’s act of being human and wondering what he would have been like if someone gave him Denny’s heart.

    OMG, the Burke/Cristina thing was sort of a mystery. I’m calling it that Webber names Burke chief of surgery so that Burke can clock office hours and not have the pressure to perform surgery if his hand capacity is diminished. Webber ‘s wife did tell him that he’d better cut back on his hours and spend more time with her. Damn it, when does next season begin?!!?!

  3. trouble :

    I’m doing pretty good on the crying thing with just a little Anna Nalick (breathe) to get me started.