Which of your personalities will I be dealing with today?

Women in power are just wrong. I get why everyone wants us back in the kitchens. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the next political uprising was over the proposed revoking of the women’s suffrage movement.

Given some of the people I’ve dealt with lately, I might be willing to give up my right to vote if it meant getting THEM out of the workforce and FAR AWAY from the ballot box.

I wasted four hours last night and four hours this morning over just the most inane shit. I don’t care how old or young anyone is — just don’t try to bullshit me that you know more than I do, when you are literally going to the Web for “helpful tips” on how to do the job I have been doing since you were in middle school.

I had all my work done on one project at 5 p.m. yesterday. It is now 1:30 p.m. and I’ve had enough of the quibbling/squabbling/mind-changing/hemming/hawing/whining/”just trying to help”-ing and CC’ing my friend the CEO on how you hate everything I’ve done that YOU TOLD ME TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE.

And I did it better. That has to be the sticking point. It certainly is on every other day.

I’ve been standing up for myself. I’ve had it with mood swings and egos and shit. But damn, the emotional toll it takes when people are fighting to prove how much book knowledge they have (and, ergo, why they are omniscient or omnipotent or, more appropriately, just plain ominous).

And seriously, do not think for one second that I don’t forward dippy e-mails to every state in the continental U.S. You better get good at your job because you will NOT be getting another.

One of these days, I really need to have a “Come to Jesus” with our mutual friend about this b.s. But right now, I have to walk out of the house and leave my phone inside it so that I don’t make that call in as much of an utterly pissed off mood as I am right now.

Of course, as my beloved Lady T said to me, “Don’t let her take up real estate in your mind. She can’t afford it, and neither can you.”

Words to live by, kids. If you can’t pay penthouse prices, get off my ass and out of my brain. Because we haven’t hit the threshold where I am paid enough (or anything) to deal with your crap, and I’m letting you take away time from the assignment that IS paying the rent.

I understand men now when they scoff, “Ugh! Women!!!” This is why I’ll never go gay — I can’t TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

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