Just heard we lost one of our own in the industry. What a mindfuck. One, that he’s gone (because he was all sorts of awesome), and two, he was young. Like, not a whole hell of a lot older than me.

I was just texting with a BFF we shared. My friend is just blown away right now that his bud is gone. To boot, he’s only a couple years younger. And he lost his dad at the same age his friend was … the same age as Tim Russert, who happened to be a travel buddy of my friend as well. (What can I say? I know people who know people!)

(And how I envy him being friends with Russert. …)

No words of wisdom here. Just sad that a good guy is gone too soon. And grateful to have crossed paths with him. And all-too-aware that someday HAS to be today when it comes to finding what makes us happy.

RIP, Joey B.

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