Where I was this weekend

Da Burgh
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In the past 60-odd days, I’ve been in Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Maryland, Virginia, D.C. and Pennsylvania, not to mention that I traveled through Jersey and Delaware.

But by far, the most aesthetically pleasing place is Pittsburgh. Here’s the first thing you see when you emerge from the Fort Pitt Tunnels. (*aaah*)

I feel nostalgic for the city, even though it’s not my home anymore and hasn’t been for some time now. I guess I really don’t feel like I belong anywhere at this time and place in my life, and home will be wherever I make it.

I shot up to town to see my grandfather to surprise him on his 80th birthday on Friday. I sat down next to him in a restaurant and scared the shit out of him — only Mom knew I was coming.

It was good seeing the family. To say I’m lonely and disconnected from humanity where I am right now in my life and location is an understatement. It’s good to be reminded that while my journey seems to be like a solitary one for now, I always have somewhere to go to remind myself of who I am.

While I might never live in Pittsburgh again, to me it’s the place that would take me back in a heartbeat should I ever change my mind. Luckily, a simple whirlwind visit holds healing powers enough to tide me over, so I’m glad to have a reason to return occasionally … and to leave again when I’m ready.

3 Responses to Where I was this weekend

  1. sonderweg :

    I have always wanted to go to Pittsburgh.

    Especially after watching 5 seasons of QAF.

  2. Old Freind :

    And you didn’t stop to see ME!!!!???!!!??!!! I will send a yinzer curse to you…. may Myron Cope infest your gutchy drawer and hurl insults at your cats!!!!! Giving you the evil Yinzer eye!!!!!!!!

  3. trouble :

    OOh, I love that view of the Burgh, too. I’m headed there on Sunday, and will be staying in Shadyside where I have plans to eat good Thai food and (hopefully) hit a sale at Ann Taylor. Oh, and work, too. Of course I have to work.