Up and away


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The elevators in the Marriott Marquis made me overcome my fear of escalators in a huge hurry because the elevator bank had its own rush hour every day — trying to pop into your room on the 27th floor required a good 25 to 40 minutes of combined wait time in each direction. I swear, if I could’ve taken a cab upstairs, I would have!

Speaking of cabs, we had a great dinner at Shula’s, just up the street. As we didn’t have an hour to grab coats, we cabbed it the whole block and a half. LOL. On the way back, we were brave and decided to run through the COLDEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR without any winter coverings. I myself was in a skirt, tank top and a blazer, so when the wind chill was -7 degrees, you can bet I was a Dawnsicle. *Brr*

Anyway, I have a story. (I always do!) I was ripping past The New York Times building and trying to fly across the street onto Broadway when I almost fell over this woman in a wheelchair who was trying to go the opposite direction. Now, on a normal day, I would step back and let her go first. But that night? Holy Christmas no. I almost went ass over teakettle over her chair (as I didn’t see her!), so I literally leaped ahead and did the world’s most half-assed apology ever spoken: “Sorry, but you have a coat!”

I’d say I’m going to burn in hell, but that’s OK. At least it’s warm there! 😉

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