What’s your why?

I took a short walk today after scarfing in my salad at my desk. 

It’s not as unbearably hot as one would expect for April in Florida. But still. This southern belle needs some unsweet tea, stat. 

I realize I am about five pounds above my weight when I arrived in this town a few years back. And I had felt so tiny and cute then. But now? Chunk-a-lunka, man. 

Back then I was comparatively tiny  to where I was before that. But I can’t imagine carrying around all that weight again. Hell, that extra five pounds has me winded.

And I don’t feel tiny anymore. I mean I feel good and healthy enough for age 40. 

But whenever I get down and think well, this is where I always give up,  I realize it’s too much work to drag this booty around town in this heat. The path of lesser resistance then is to shed an ass cheek or two. 

Weight Watchers asks “What’s your why?” That’s mine.  And also this lovable little beast … And the lady who made that Easter display (Momma, of course) …


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