Six for Sunday

Just some thoughts  

1. I think I’m back in love with Florida again. At least, the street I work on. It’s my second-favorite festival of the year this weekend. I got some loot I love, including a platinum (!) anchor ring (to match my $5 silver anchor ring) …

Thank you, Delray Affair. Next stop: Sunfest!

2. The scale and I are locked in a battle of wills. I didn’t eat much last week and the scale stayed the same. So yesterday I ate an entire pint of Halo Top vanilla bean ice cream and a massive hunk of avocado toast. And I lost a pound … 

Schaeffer’s Tea Room is my favorite for avocado toast. Deck 84 is also awesome. This is from Tryst. Not too shabby although I would rather have had turkey bacon than the real thing. 

3. I got to reconnect with an old friend recently. It’s nice how many people visit Florida and actually want to see a gal. It’s also nice that they knew me when I was fun and social so they can put up with the introvert I’ve become. Nicer still that they try to stay in touch when I am so colossally bad at replying. 

4. I’ve been feeling a little bad about my last post. I mean, I don’t want to seem like I want/need people to be going out of their way to do anything for me. But when you get a happy birthday text and then see the next girl getting a happy birthday vacation, well. You know your place in their universe.  It’s been a good reminder to protect my heart. And my money. 

5. Just leaving this here. How is it that my favorite baseball teams train down here every spring and I haven’t gone to see them?!?! Note to self. Go see a grapefruit game or two next year.  

6. April allergy season and sunburns are no fun. But it sure beats “sprinter” — Spring/Winter and the snowy goodness it brings. Ergo, love me some Florida. Crackhead drivers and tourists and residents and all. 

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