What’s wrong with being competent¬†

Every time I hear that “Confident” song, I think of Blake, Emerson and Scott on “The People’s Couch” singing it. 

Then I think of someone who has never missed an early bird special, and I sing “What’s wrong with being Competent?”

I was particularly grumbly about it Friday night and yesterday morning. But as always I try to find grace. Usually in the form of knowing one of us hasn’t lost sight of achieving greatness.  

But having an anchor doesn’t make you swim farther. Dead weight makes you drown. No matter how much your pudgy pork roast butt fights to float. 

I got to thinking about progressive responsibility. And while I don’t think I ever shirked it (I volunteered to do a lot of stuff over the decades for the sake of experience), my progressive learning has come more from research. You know, something immeasurable by most standards. 

In other words, I don’t think getting smarter gets you further. Not without action.  And my measure is being able to work faster. Which no one else would know. 

I got away from writing because there was too much else going on. Last week I had a man down so I wrote more than usual. 

It was hard at first. And my first drafts weren’t great. But I liked my final edits. And I LOVED writing again

But is that progressive to go BACK to what you used to be known for?

I guess it’s better than being known as the person who can’t be bothered to stay five seconds late to complete a simple task. 

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