What part of HELL no don’t you understand?

Dear Conservative Party,

I appreciate your invitation for me to give you money to attend an event, where I am to spend MORE money that will also go into your burgeoning wallets. Really, I am overwhelmed at your offer to not have any respite once the slackjawed imbecile in chief is gracefully and FINALLY evicted from the Oval Office.

In case I haven’t made myself clear? DREAM ON.



P.S. In the meantime, props to Sabre for sending me The. Funniest. Thing. I have seen today: Our Dear Leader’s Daily Thought. Magnificient!

One Lonely Response to What part of HELL no don’t you understand?

  1. grytpype :

    Hi there, thanks for the mention of Dear Leader’s Daily Thought… please consider voting for DLDT as Most Humorous Blog, there’s a vote going on and I’m up against blogs with 100x my traffic…