‘What a drag it is getting old’

When I left D.C. seven months ago (*cry*), I was diagnosed on the way out with hyperthyroid. No meds or anything like that were administered — just a panicked, “Go find a doctor ASAP! Get treated!”

So, seven months later, they tell me I don’t have hyperthyroid and I’m overal actually pretty damn healthy and functional.

But …

Yeah, now I’m (probably not-so-unexpectedly) armed with a pile of prescriptions for anxiety and depression.

I mentioned that I used to work in mental health, and we had a lovely discussion about SSRIs and the trade-offs when it comes to side effects. Lord. I got to pick my own medications — whee!

I haven’t gotten the scripts filled yet, though. Still trying to determine which high school to go sell them behind. 😉

When we were wrapping up, my doctor asked whether I wanted a flu shot. I said no. It was the first time she was surprised at something I said.




“Because I don’t care if I get the flu. I need a week off!”

She looked at me strangely and crossed out something on my paperwork. “Upping my dosage?” I joked.

“Yep,” she said.

(She really did!)

2 Responses to ‘What a drag it is getting old’

  1. Lachlan :

    Same thing happened to me with my thyroid. I was on meds for about 18 months and then the results came back too high. Off I went. Thyroid’s been normal ever since.

  2. Caterwauling :

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