‘One pill makes you small’

Got mah drugs today. Only tried one of the ‘scripts so far. Either it kicked right in (unlikely) or I’m just in a good mood naturally, because I’m doing OK today.

Actually, that’s more of an external factor, as a friend just arrived in town (the fifth this summer, although only the second with whom I can actually find time to get together). I’m over-the-top thrilled that I will actually be able to see her!

Two out of five. Actual encounters versus opportunities. What a winning record. What am I, the Phillies? 😉

(Philadelphia is now on my list of cities to root against. Unless they are playing Texas or New England.)

Anyway, as I dropped off my prescriptions this morning, the pharmacist called my doctor’s office to verify one of the meds. I only half-overheard, as I saw Halloween candy was 75% off and I scored a big bag of Reese’s for less than two bucks.

But I could SWEAR she was verifying a dosage she thought was high. What, did she think I upped that dosage on my own? 😀

Now excuse me while I wash it all down with a bottle of wine.

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