‘Welcome to Wonderland’

I’m still reeling from Thursday’s “Scandal” episode. I got home late from my own Wonderland and missed the beginning, but there was enough action to Boggle. My. Mind. in the remainder of the episode.

Anyway, speaking of mind-boggling: This.

Why Time Off is Less Important Than You Think

You know what motivates me? The pipe dream of a sweet, sweet reprieve.

You know what keeps me from taking a sweet reprieve? To not have to pay hotel/airfare to work from an exotic location. That and that horrible heart-dropping anxiety that pervades your whimsical dare to enjoy a slice of non-Wonderland-filled life.

That and the absence of an item you requested five months ago to enable someone to cover for you. An item that was was approved by higher-ups and whose absence continues to puzzle me upon repeated requests for it.

There comes a point when Goddess stops being nice. Now that not only has the vacation time been flushed but now my December getaway is now back in the “pipe dream” pile, that point has been reached.

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