Vote for Hillary!

The Potomac Primary is tomorrow, so I’m begging everyone with a brain in their head in the tri-state (let’s pretend D.C. is a state) area to vote for Hillary Clinton.

I was at dinner recently with a woman who said, “I’m not going to talk politics with you because I’m certain that the person YOU would vote for would be the person I WOULD NEVER want to see in the White House.”

So I said, OK, what’s wrong with her? And she said, “Women should not be in charge of the country. They’re too emotional. They would make decisions without completely factoring out their emotions.”

And I said, “Um, yeah, well, GOD FORBID someone make a decision in this country based on anything other than throwing darts at a board. God forbid a candidate who promises ‘change’ in their campaign is actually COMMITTED to change. Maybe what we need around here is someone who CARES how their actions will affect the nation.”


I’m not voting for Hillary based *entirely* on the fact that she’s a strong woman. I’m voting for her based on the fact that she’s a strong political figure with a proven track record. And that she’s a female with more balls than the swinging dicks in charge, well, bonus!

You know, it burns my ass that all these First Ladies are committed to causes like pets and plants and knitting and shit. Hillary was running her own little presidency when she was First Lady, working on wee little projects like, oh, HEALTH CARE.

Someone needs to come into this presidency and clean up after the monkey who’s been flinging poo around the White House, and she’s the only one I think can do it. Let’s treat Bush’s eight years as the anomaly and abomination they were, and let’s restore world order as quickly as possible. And SO WHAT if she brings emotion into her reign? It’s better than nominating yet another swinging dick who can’t live up to his platform.

I’m so flippin’ worked up right now, I want to be able to vote 40 times. If Obama gets the Democratic nomination, I’m voting for Jon McCain. At least then I KNOW we’re in for another four years of the “same old, same old” and I don’t have to waste my time getting my hopes up for what I fear will be nothing.

One Lonely Response to Vote for Hillary!

  1. Sabre :

    I am so fucking over the sexism that is constantly thrown at Hills. Women shouldn’t be in charge? Mmhmm, examine that sentiment if it were tossed at Obama. Go on, try it. “Black men shouldn’t be in charge.” Rather ignorant, nasty, and disgusting thing to say, isn’t it?

    You know, tell me you don’t want to vote for her because you don’t like her stance on health care. Tell me you don’t want to vote for her because you hate that she supported the war. Tell me you don’t want to vote for her because you think “No Child Left Behind” is a good thing.

    But don’t you -dare- tell me you won’t vote for her because she has ovaries, or, dare we say it, emotions. Fuck, after 8 years of a fucking sociopath in office, you’d think emotions would be something we’d look for in a candidate. Regardless of how many X chromosomes they have.

    Sorry for all the f-bombs. Whoever you had dinner with pissed me off and I wasn’t even there!