(Verbal) ‘diarrhea, cha cha cha’

I love how so many bloggers apologize for being away for a few days, because they are doing such a disservice to all four of their readers. Me? Meh. *waves to the two of you who read this crap regularly*

November is also National Blog Posting Month, which requires daily posting. So here I am, kicking off my month on Nov. 3. Don’t EVER have high expectations of me — I’ll do my best NOT to meet them!

I’ve been catching up on sleep and that’s about it. I set my alarm for work on Thursday morning, let it play for an hour, said fuck it and turned it off. And slept till nearly noon. I’ve never done that before. It was awesome. Am fairly certain it was the highlight of my week. Well, that and the tranny who waited on me when I went out to dinner that day who couldn’t get anything right but had a mad-fierce prance.

I’ve sort of had it with incompetence. I was telling one of my friends about the insufferable ineptitude with which I’ve been dealing this week, and how I just don’t have it in me to fight anymore. And he said it didn’t sound like the Goddess he knew — that I don’t let stupid shit slide, as a general rule. And I felt stupid for not fighting for my due, when he put it that way. But can’t “being too tired to fight right now” serve as a plausible excuse for the time being? I mean, it’s taking everything in me to look at the bright side. I can’t focus one extra iota of attention on anything else. Once I get back my strength, I’ll be fine. I promise.

One thing I do know is that I’m ready for a new car. Going from driving a veritable tank in Reno to my twee wind-up Matchbox wonder has sucked mightily. I liked sitting up high and when I wanted to merge, people let me merge because they certainly wouldn’t have won a fight against my big, bad Pacifica. Now I’ve got to deal with idiot D.C. drivers again who think it’s cute to shine their headlights into my car and tailgate me at 80 mph. (And the sheer irony is that I got a speeding ticket for doing 36 in a 25. Am counting blessings that I wasn’t caught at my “normal” speed!)

Oh, terrific — Maddie just shat on the carpet. Again. Talk about something I don’t miss while I’m traveling. Good news is, as soon as I pay off these expenses, I’ve got another trip waiting for me. …

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