Taking the ‘hoe’ out of Tahoe

Am sitting in the Reno/Tahoe airport, wondering why no one in this city has a reasonable gift shop. Not that I want to commemorate this trip with a souvenir shot glass (however appropriate that may be), but the only thing I saw was a really cute Lake Tahoe shirt. Unfortunately, the shirt only came in size small, and when I asked the cashier whether there were any additional sizes available, she said no and asked if she could wrap up one of the ones on the rack. Hahaaaaa. Maybe if I sewed together two of them! Please. How dumb can one be?

That’s been the overarching theme here: stupidity. As a gal on the hotel shuttle noted, everyone here is in their own little world. I mean, I was driving through downtown Reno the other day, and I wanted to yell to these idiots who jaywalked on the main drag, “Don’t you know there are D.C. drivers on your streets?!?!” Lord. The right of way is always yours. Well, it’s never really yours, but you fight for it anyway.

Keeping with the “strange city” theme, we had drinks in the sports book last night (OMG, best bloody mary of my life. Or, at least, this month), and some dude was playing Solitaire at the next table. With a deck of cards. Not one of the billion, oh, MACHINES in the casino.

Upon further inspection, I noticed that the cards were the ones being sold in the “gift shop” — ones with people’s names on them. A generic “Tom’s Deck of Cards” was what he was playing with. I might venture that this was the ONLY full deck he was playing with! 🙂

Another strange sighting: The casino servers are size-zero women who are in high-cut bathing suits all day. But what’s hilarious is that they are practically naked, but they’re all walking around in black orthopedic shoes to match their teeny black panties. I don’t blame them — once I passed 30, wearing heels all day and night got REAL old — but they’re only sexy from the ankles up.

Speaking of all things sexy (that one’s for you, V!), we did a big video shoot yesterday. And after losing sleep for weeks over this thing as I scripted it, well, the talent had no desire to follow said script. And it’s OK, because we did get some good footage when he went off on his tangents. But still — I spent Sunday night scripting extra things we wanted to film, and we never got around to it. *bonk* I missed out on my Jacuzzi to work on that shit, so I am not the happiest camper on earth, especially since it was one of the nights I was paying for at the hotel.

In better news, last night we went to hands-down the best sushi restaurant I’ve ever been to, Oceano. What kills me is that I am THRILLED to leave Reno and never come back, but God damn, I will be craving that stupid Oceano roll till the end of time. Yum.

It’s Halloween and all the hotel and airport workers are be-costumed. And it’s funny how these normally surly people with whom I’ve spent the last four days suddenly cheered up once they were in their festive garb. Reminds me of Denim Day at work — everyone was so freaking peaceful. Amazing how a slight change of routine can make such a difference. Which is why I’m in a really good mood today, no doubt. 😉

Personally, I’m dressed as the hoe of Tahoe. I picked up a very tacky sparkly shirt at Ross (yes, that’s where I did all my souvenir shopping) and HOO BOY are the girls out in full force. I didn’t realize till I sat down and men started staring at me that this lil empire-waist number meant the ta-tas were so readily exposed.

But I needed a shiny, tacky frock to remind me of my wild weekend in the “Biggest Little City in the World” — and I couldn’t wear it to the Halloween parade at work today, so it’s only appropriate to get its first and only use in this neon mountain town!

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