Vacation, Day 5


Panic that this will be the last day off I get for the rest of my life. 

Panic that they lived just fine without me at the office (during a slow week) and they don’t need me back.

Panic that I’ll get back into the swing of things, and stand up and run away. 

Panic that I blew my chance to achieve my personal to-do list, the one I saved for this glorious week, instead chasing freedom and relaxation. 

Panic that now that I know what freedom and relaxation is, I won’t be happy till I have it again. Or that I simply won’t have it again. 

Hurricane Hermine won’t affect us much here. But I’m going to plant my pudgy pork roast butt on the couch anyway and savor my first (and only) non-stressful Friday in the history of Fridays. 

I just hope it isn’t the last one I get enjoy. Because I feel like a whole new person — and one I actually enjoy being. 

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