Vacation, Day 3

Yesterday was a total washout. Tropical Depression 9 drenched us. 

Had a clusterfuck-y brunch at Keke’s. It’s pretty bad when the cook quits, the kids in the back are (incorrectly) reading from manuals on how to make sandwiches and omelets, and the two waitresses are reminding customers every two minutes that they close at 2:30. 

Hey, if I didn’t have to send two meals back twice each, and ask for my missing side dishes three times, I would not have been there for a full hour. 

Maybe tell your patrons that it’s gonna be a bad day and to stay at your own peril?

Today is set to be another drencher. So I’m gonna follow the advice I gave all the other Keke’s patrons and go have brunch at FirstWatch. 

I keep watching the weather and prices in the Keys. The overextended houseguest keeps talking me out of it. She also keeps bugging me to feed her ducks.

I am so sick of the daily “Ducks of our Lives” updates and the asshole neighbors who sic their dogs on them. Whatever work-related anxiety that has abated this week has been fully replaced by hysteria about hurt duckies. 

As they say, wherever you go, there you are. As is everyone you take along with you. 

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