Vacation, Day 1

I figure I’ve never had a vacation before, so I should document it.

We’re in for “Drenching Rains” for the next three days. Cash is low here but I’d be willing to pony up for a couple nights in the Keys. Unfortunately I don’t have any desire to pay an arm and a leg just to get rained out.

The weekend is looking nicer. But the hotel prices are also doubled with Labor Day. So maybe staycation, it is.

It’s off to a great start, though. I just woke up. Normally I’d be on a call in a half-hour. But I will enjoy the silence instead.

I think I could like this “vacation mode” thing.

Even if I achieve nothing this week , perhaps that’s the point. I’ve been missing out all these years that I’ve never actually participated in this wonderful rite of passage. So so so so happy to kick back, watch “Too Cute” and let the clouds pass by …

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