‘Turkey’ day

When I was little, I cursed a lot. (Clearly I haven’t yet taken a hiatus!) So my family used to give me substitute words to squeal so I’d feel better and I wouldn’t humiliate them in public. It makes sense to me now in adulthood why non-relatives used to look at me funny when I’d get indignant and shout “bolts!” when I really thought I was saying “bullshit!”

So my friend’s got an astute 3-year-old who loves the word “ass.” Her substitute word is “turkey.” So when my friend catches her daughter using the bad word, she asks her to repeat herself. The little one dutifully says, “I said turkey, Mommy.”

The other day, the wee one announced, “Daddy’s a fucking ass!” And per the usual, my friend asked her to repeat herself.

So the little one said, “Daddy’s a fucking turkey!”

And my friend encountered the age-old conundrum — how to laugh to herself and correct the munchkin at the same time. And on top of it all, she didn’t want to lie to her and claim he ISN’T one!!! 😉

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